Dur­ing the month of Octo­ber, and our dio­cese will work togeth­er to offer a spe­cial sign-up/re­new­al cam­paign for our parish­es, schools, and oth­er Catholic insti­tu­tions. New and return­ing parish­es will con­tin­ue to have access to a gen­er­ous sub­sidy which dra­mat­i­cal­ly reduces the annu­al sub­scrip­tion cost of the pro­gram.

For those who have not yet expe­ri­enced it, FORMED fea­tures com­pelling con­tent for adult faith for­ma­tion, RCIA, sacra­men­tal prepa­ra­tion, mar­riage & fam­i­ly min­istry, scrip­ture study, youth min­istry, Mar­i­an devo­tion and much more.

The cam­paign will kick off with an infor­ma­tion­al webi­nar on Octo­ber 3rd at 2 PM for new parish­es and users. You can also reg­is­ter for the webi­nar by click­ing HERE. By reg­is­ter­ing, you will receive one month of free access to FORMED to take it for a “test dri­ve” and see how it can be a valu­able resource for your entire parish.

A reg­u­lar FORMED sub­scrip­tion costs:

  • $1,750 for parish­es with more than 300 fam­i­lies and
  • $775 for parish­es with few­er than 300 fam­i­lies.

After apply­ing the sub­sidy, the annu­al sub­scrip­tion price becomes:

  • $600 for larg­er parish­es (300+ fam­i­lies) and
  • $300 for small­er parish­es.

This is an incred­i­ble val­ue, as FORMED includes not only movies, books, and audio for indi­vid­u­als and fam­i­lies but also a large library of com­plete faith for­ma­tion pro­grams for lead­ers — any one of which could cost more than the entire annu­al FORMED sub­scrip­tion.

This year’s dioce­san FORMED cam­paign will run from Octo­ber 3rd — Octo­ber 31st. Dur­ing this lim­it­ed time, take advan­tage of the webi­nar and/or sub­sidy to check out FORMED for the first time, sign up for a new sub­scrip­tion, or renew an exist­ing one.

For details about how to renew and apply the sub­sidy, please see one of the fol­low­ing doc­u­ments: